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All DogsNZ/NZKC registered breeders should provide proof that the parents have been tested and cleared of

  • Heart defects
  • Bull Terrier Hereditary Nephritis (measured by a UPC test)
  • Luxating patella
  • LAD

Breeders that go the extra distance may also have veterinary certification clearing their dogs of

  • Polycystic Kidney disease (by Ultrasound scan)
  • Hearing test (BAER/BAEP)


Every breeder must make sure that puppy buyers receive registered pedigree papers and apply for this with DogsNZ within 14 days of purchase.  Check the DogsNZ site to make sure the litter is registered. Here is some more information about buying a registered pedigree pup


There are not many registered pedigree breeders in New Zealand which means that there is often a long wait for a pup. Most breeders are not breeding Bull Terriers to make money they breed to improve their dogs and to have young stock for the show ring.

If you want to own one of these unique dogs, or are interested in helping to preserve true to type registered pedigree Bull Terriers in New Zealand, please make contact with one of these breeders.

The CBTC is dedicated to the continued health & well being of the Bull Terrier.  All CBTC members are required to follow the Club’s Declaration of Honour.

  1. I will support the Club in every way practible
  2. I will not offer for sale or be in any way connected with sale or breeding of Bull Terriers for any unlawful purpose
  3. I will not offer for sale or use for breeding any deaf Bull Terrier
  4. I will only breed from Bull Terriers that have been tested and certified free of hereditary diseases known to the breed.  Including luxating patella, heart conditions, nephritis and polycystic kidney disease.

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